The battery of my smart phone does not last

Battery life is related with CPU usage. Close all unnecessary applications. Some applications may not be shown on running program list.

1. Some applications running in the background may cause unwanted battery consumption. To close an application, use the back key rather then the home key. (The back key will close most applications, while the home key will place applications in stand-by mode.)

2. You can view the number of current running applications with Program monitor widget. (Some applications may not be shown.) Be cautious when installing unknown or unsecure applications, as this may cause excessive battery consumption. 

3. After setting up a Google account, data communication takes place in the background. To extend stand-by time, deactivate Auto sync under Settings > Accounts and sync, and synchronise manually when necessary. 

4. Keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on is often the main acuse of battery drain. 

5. In the event of excessive battery consumption or phone malfunction, restart the phone by pressing the power key for 8 seconds, or by pressing and holding the power key and selecting Power off. 



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