Optus Internet and MMS setting on LG T320 Cookie 3G Black Touch Phone


Dear phoneinc_estore,

Hi. How you doing.
I bought just recently this mobile phone from you and
we are having a major issue with it. Everything ok bat sending and
recieving MMS's it just won't do it, no matter what we have tried and even
contacting Optus x3 times, for the setting's as that is who the carrier
is. It has been so frustrating that my partner i bought it for has gone
back to her old phone until this one is sorted. Please help she likes the
phone but needs the MMS working as we have grandkids in Cranbourne so
photos are essential for her. Cheers



Dear Loracn Lvdy4128pe,

we are sorry to hear you are having some trouble in setting up the phone correctly. And we understand sometimes the customer services staff in the service provider in this case Optus is not as experience with the phone model to be able to assets their customers.

However, we are here to help. Hopefully we can solve this issue quickly for you.

In this case, we need to setup 2 access point one for Internet and one for MMS:

Go menu -> setting -> connectivity -> access point and add

1. Connection title : Internet
APN: internet

and save

2. Connection title : MMS
APN: mms

and save

Then we need to setup the profiles that we are going to use.

Go menu -> setting -> connectivity -> Internet profiles and add

1. Service name: internet
User proxy : off
Access point : internet

2. Service name: Optus MMS
Use proxy : on
Proxy server address:
Proxy server port : 8070
Access point MMS

Lastly, we need to select and use those profile we created in the message centre

Go menu -> messages -> settings -> multimedia message -> mms centre and add

Title Optus MMS
Internet profile : optus mms

and save as active

Also, we can use the internet profile we created for web browser

Go Menu -> browser -> settings -> profiles -> add

Service name: internet
Internet profile : internet

Now, clear/delete all the old MMSs that are stuck in the outbox and restart the phone.

And you should have a fully functional phone with Optus settings

Hope this helps.


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