HTC Wildfire can not access internet with Three simcard



Using Three sim card but has a problem accessing the internet. Called Three customer service and followed the instructions but it kept going to the big pond page and it said, "the service is not available".


To access your 3 internet services, you will firstly have subscribe to a internet pack with 3 if it's not already included in your plan.
To manually set the settings if 3 customer support could not figure out how to, follow the following:

got to settings -> wireless & networks -> Mobile networks ->Access Point Names

press the "menu" button on the phone and select "+ New APN" on the screen,

Enter: "3 internet" in the name field and "3services" in the APN field and press OK and leave the user name and password blank.

Press the Home button and save.

Turn off the phone and turn it back on again and you should have the internet on your phone with 3.

To test it, open the browser and type in an wet address you know, e.g.

Let us know if there is a problem :-)


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